Girls Will Be Girls Sherry Lynn

With so many of today’s country females focused on finding out who can be edgier and more risky than the next, there is a huge void in that no one is hitting the more adult demographic rather than the late teens and twenty-something’s.

With “Girls Will Be Girls,” the new single from her sophomore album A Beautiful Life, Sherry Lynn seems to be picking up where Martina McBride left off with “This One’s For The Girls.” The song, written by hit makers Ashley Gorley, Bryan Simpson, and Kelley Lovelace, gives the listener an up-tempo groove that makes you tap your toes from the get-go as Lynn delivers lyrics that will make any female reminisce. She sings of the memories she has of her and her sister raiding their mother’s makeup only to wear lipstick all over their faces and takes you on a journey from childhood to adulthood from there; from bringing the short skirt to school to change into so her mama would never know, all the way up to being the crazy ones after getting a few margaritas in them and dancing on the bar.

This type of song is easily one that will go over with any woman. With a touch of modern edge that wraps around a late 90’s/early 2000’s brand of country, Sherry Lynn offers something fun and lighthearted to a more adult demographic and because of it she will most likely be able to hit on a fan base that is being overlooked right now which will help propel her and this single forward.

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