A Beautiful Life by Sherry Lynn

No matter which circle you turn to in country music, there always seems to be a hot debate between today’s country sounds in comparison to what is being hailed as “real” country.”

With her sophomore album A Beautiful Life, Sherry Lynn seems poised to answer the debate with her tunes that beg comparison to a late-90’s feel with a fresh and today approach.

Catchy songs like the current single “Girls Will Be Girls,” “I Like ‘Em Like That,” and “You In A Song” all do their part to get you moving and grooving and are perfect compliments for the two-stepping dance hall flavored hang outs all across the country. She keeps this album on the feel good, mid-to-up-tempo side for the most part and she uses her vocals as the defining aspect to truly captivate the listener ear and pull them into the songs whether it’s on the more laid-back groove like we find on “Slip Into Something Mexico” or on the autobiographical “So Much More.”

The added bonus for country music lovers comes with the closing song on the album when Crystal Gayle lends her vocals to the ultra inspiring and encouraging “Beautiful Life” and reminds listeners what country music is all about.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the debate of what is and what isn’t country, however when an album like this one comes across your desk there is no debate about it with Sherry Lynn; she is a country artist with country songs and if you are one of those that thinks that this type of country music has gone away simply because of what you are hearing on Top 40 country radio, then think again and check this album out.

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